Richard Ferri-Pisani

Richard Ferri-Pisani was born in Cannes in 1959 and started out studying cabinetmaking in Nice until the 1970s before he began making furniture. He then got involved in restoring antique furniture and making contemporary items and furnishings in marquetry.

Richard Ferri-Pisani made a career change in the late 80s when he began his life as an artist with exhibitions in several French cities.

Over the years his artistic activity developed, and he exhibited work not only of furniture and marquetry objects, but also of paintings and sculptures at the Galerie des Serbes in Cannes from 1988, at the Torino-Arte contemporary art salon of in Turin in 1990 and in Roquebrune-sur-Argens.

At the same time, he produced work and creations for “Tag sur Tuf” at the Etats Généraux du Design in Paris in 1994 and at the Mona Lisa Gallery in Monaco in 1995. His artistic career is jam-packed with regular exhibitions including in Cannes' Espace Miramar in 1999, Agence John Taylor in 2000, Galerie Artes in 2002 and Espace Vénulys with "Silence on détourne" in 2010.

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