Olivier Domin, a.k.a OLLL

Olivier Domin was born in 1965 in Le Château de la Ronde in Maine-et-Loire. He has been painting since he was little and, after a regular job, he decided to do what he loves: painting. Since then he's been travelling and exhibiting all over the world. He met Hervé Dirosa, Guénard, Ben, Cervera.

He has close links with the figurative Sète school, which he is particularly fond of.

His meeting in 1989 with Patrick Shelley (a descendent of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein) was decisive. He is one of the last surviving masters of 20th century art, in the tradition of Braque, Matisse and Picasso.

After years travelling in the US, Caribbean and Latin America without setting foot in Europe, he has come back to his beloved Cannes which inspires him to have a fresh outlook influenced both by his travel memories and the joy of returning to his roots.

His masters are Egon Schiele for the strong lines and the morphology of his characters, and Andy Warhol for his formats, colours and the production of works in series. But his artistic journey doesn't end here: you can find Olll's pieces all over the world, especially in Japan and America, as the joy he captures in his pieces is infectious.

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