Olivia Paroldi

An engraver and illustrator, Olivia Paroldi studied at the Estienne School in Paris.

After graduating in the arts of engraving, she soon opted to focus on this graphic technique, enriching her knowledge alongside such artists as Liliana Bastia, and then by putting her skills to use on behalf of the pupils at the National Institute of Young Blind People.

Her work shows a determination to take engraving outside its traditional framework by creating not only engraving works in large numbers but also works in very big formats to be displayed in the street. She is devoted to traditional techniques and to sharing her approach, and today works at developing a sensitive body of work, resolutely rooted in contemporary graphic methods. Olivia Paroldi was awarded the Fondation Banque Populaire prize for the arts in 2016 for her “Urban Stamp” project.

More informations : oliviaparoldi.fr