Cannes Greeters

Join the locals and see another side to Cannes.

Greeters in Cannes

Cannes Tourist Information has helped Greeters thrive in the cinema capital to provide visitors with unique experiences among locals who love their hometown.

Take a trip with a Cannes Greeter for a few hours:

  • Greeters are volunteers
  • The tours – called Greets – are completely free
  • Greeters introduce visitors to another side of Cannes based on their hobbies and backgrounds
  • The tours are available in small groups with up to six people so there's lots of time to chat and form bonds

CHoose a tour Or a GREETER
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The Greeters concept

The Greeters concept first appeared in 1992 in New York to give visitors a more "real" and social way to explore their destination with the opportunity to meet and talk to locals. 

There are now 32 worldwide Greeter associations in a non-profit international network.

Greeters are not professional tour guides... They're locals who want to share their favourite spots, passions, sports and more during a casual and social tour of the destination.

They speak a foreign language so they can welcome any type of visitor.