Écomusée sous-marin

by Jason deCaires Taylor

The underwater ecomuseum is home to 6 underwater statues off Ile Sainte-Marguerite's south shore directly below the forester's lodge path.

It is 84-132m from the coast and 3-5m deep.

Most divers wearing a mask and snorkel can visit the sculptures. Free entry. Boats are not allowed to moor here for the safety of visitors.

The ecomuseum educates visitors about the vital issue of protecting the Mediterranean.


A dream-like ecological project promoting biodiversity

At 2m tall and weighing around 10 tons each, the museum's six statues are made from pH-neutral material which has no ecological impact to create refuges where flora and fauna can flourish. Long and pain-staking work has gone into the pieces which will form artificial reefs to promote biodiversity. 

They sculptures will evolve over time and be covered in seaweed, shellfish and benthic fauna to become an integral part of the local ecosystem. Their rough texture enables larvae to grip onto them and thrive whilst their nooks offer shelter to fish and shellfish.


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