Putting culture at the core of the city's project is the result of a strong conviction that access to artistic creation is a key factor in empowerment, inclusion, learning about citizenship and respecting others.

In 2017, the City of Cannes was awarded the unique status in France of « ville expérimentale et pionnière 100 % EAC » (A test city for Arts & Culture Education) for its exemplary initiatives for young people, paving the way to mainstreaming EAC across the country from infant school right through to vocational training.

The city has 6 theatres, 2 Musées de France, a contemporary art centre, a music and theatre conservatory, 5 media libraries, 2 national art schools, a symphony orchestra, creative facilities, a festival centre and cinemas.

Throughout their education, from infant school to the end of high school, all of Cannes' students take part in Arts and Culture projects during school, their extra-curricular time and after-school. These projects are based on the three pillars of Arts and Culture Education: Discovery, knowledge and practice.

Setting up a PREAC for Film and Audiovisual

This resource centre for Arts and Culture education (PREAC) aims to develop a national training programme in Arts and Culture in relation to the Cinema and Audiovisual sector and in film-related professions, with the support of the Cannes campus of creative and cultural industries.

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Cultural initiatives

In collaboration with the National Education Department, Cannes City Council organises cultural projects for schoolchildren in the area, using local resources (civic facilities, associations, artistic companies located in the area) by programming special sessions during school and after-school hours.

The aim is to enable every pupil at school in Cannes, from infant school through to higher education, to participate in at least one educational Arts and Culture project each year.

During school time

Live Performances

These are unique artistic experiences where pupils can develop their imagination, enrich their vocabulary and their knowledge while increasing their cultural awareness and critical thinking skills. 

As part of the EAC, the Théâtre de la Licorne has set up a number of initiatives for Cannes schoolchildren and organises training programmes for teachers, activity leaders, youth workers, health workers, educational advisers and mediators.

The "Corde Frottée" project in the Frayère district

To introduce 20 infant and first year primary school pupils from the René Goscinny and La Frayère schools to a new musical instrument: The violin.

Since September 2017, and offered throughout the year, pupils can visit Ferme Giaume, a small farm where they discover the violin along with a both traditional and popular musical repertoire.

Visits to museums

School trips are organised in relation to the museum collections and the historical sites they occupy (Château de Cannes and Fort Royal).

In addition, these visits are specifically designed in line with the latest school curriculum, both in terms of format (age-appropriate length, etc.) and theme. They also offer children the opportunity to visit a local heritage site.

City Archive Workshops

Each week, workshops are held for teachers and their classes, based on original archives, allowing them to discover historical sources through local experience.
Topics include: The History of the City's Districts, Customs and Traditions, the Two World Wars, the French Revolution, Cannes and the Sea, The Elections, and more. Educational kits are available online for more in-depth details on the subject.

Primary school pupils are offered fun workshops, while secondary and high school pupils submit their own work, using multiple-choice questions, or through presentations in small groups. Teachers use these resources to integrate into their curriculum and lessons.

Virtual themed exhibitions are also online for teachers to visualise a whole series of historical documents and illustrations with their pupils and are readily available to use.

Mobile exhibitions are available to teaching teams and can be installed in areas in schools dedicated to Culture.

Initiatives from the Cannes media library network

From infant school through to university age, the Cannes media library network
(made up of 4 media libraries, 1 book library, 2 mobile libraries, including one for schools) initiatives offer a variety of tailored content, to help children discover the riches of the world of literature, balanced with digital resources (such as e-reader devices and tablets).

The authors in residence at the Noailles media library also enable students to discover the creative world, and meet authors during literary events and through the many partnerships with cultural institutions in the region.

Visits to the Pôle d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Cannes (PAMoCC), La Malmaison Art Centre and Le Suquet des Artistes

During temporary exhibitions, students are given a guided tour of the works presented at the art centre and Le Suquet des Artistes. This approach helps them to gain a better understanding of the world of modern and contemporary art and introduce them to ways of interpreting artwork. Secondary schools and high schools also have the opportunity to bring art into their schools by creating exhibitions based on the city's collection.

Heritage classes

As part of the bid to have the Lérins Islands listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, four classes from Cannes secondary schools have been involved with a scientific committee made up of curators and scientific experts in drafting the project's bid, with the aim of:

  • Introducing students to the working process of the bid

  • Involving students in a cross-curricular project

  • Setting up a scientific committee in each secondary school

  • Raising awareness of the outstanding global value of the Lérins Islands' heritage

In this way, the "heritage classes" project enables these selected Cannes secondary school classes to develop a better understanding of the world heritage concept, the historical, geographical and cultural features of the Lérins Islands and to express their own vision of their heritage.

Partners: Cannes City Council's Department of Culture, the CPIE, the ONF, the Cannes Jeunesse association, the Abbaye de Lérins, the municipal archives, the Musée des explorations du monde, the Musée du Masque de fer et du Fort Royal, the media libraries and libraries

Projet Playtime Box - Rise by Pep Karsten

As part of the Education Artistique et Culturelle (EAC) programme and in partnership with Playtime Project, the City of Cannes presents RISE by Pep Karsten, an exhibition installed in an entirely refurbished 1977 vintage collapsible caravan, which will be on display from 26 to 30 March at the Lycée Bristol and from 31 March to 2 April at the Lycée Stanislas.

At a time of lockdown and isolation, the artist presents an exhibition inspired by the frustration of being imprisoned and the inability to explore new horizons. RISE offers spectacular images (in argentic prints) of the Alpes-Maritimes exceptional landscapes.

Exposition RISE by Pep Karsten

PlayTime Box, an invitation to travel in Cannes

During extra-curricular time

« Temps forts culture »

Each year, at the request of the Education Department during extracurricular time, "Temps forts culture" weeks allow each youth leader to offer a cultural project to the children based on the projects offered by Cannes City Council.

After school

The « Famille au spectacle » scheme

This is a project that enables a primary school class in Cannes to benefit from the chance to attend a live performance, outside of school time, thereby allowing families to enjoy a theatre experience together.

The scheme is based on a selection of shows from the "Théâtres de Cannes" season.

To ensure that these excursions are real moments of discovery, sharing and discussion, meetings will be organised in the classroom ahead of the performance. In this way, pupils who are involved in the project become a channel of information for their families.

Creches and Leisure Centres

As part of the "Théâtres de Cannes" programme, Wednesdays for Young Audiences is an opportunity to welcome nursery groups to the Théâtre de la Licorne to give children their first experience of live performance.

During the school holidays, young people attending leisure centres (Education Department, Cannes Youth Association and MJCs) are invited to visit the city' s cultural facilities. For instance, they can visit the Fort Royal on Ile Sainte-Marguerite and enjoy a number of different productions during the Festival P'tits Cannes à You.

Featured Artists in Residence

Each residence will allow school audiences to meet an artist in a specific field, to discover their world and their artistic approach as well as the process involved in creating their piece of work (these include scriptwriting, design, choreography, book illustration, playwriting) and in doing so, increase their knowledge about how an artistic project is created.

Featured Choreographers in Residence

In partnership with the DRAC PACA and the Cannes Dance Festival, this residency is based on the artistic world of the dance company in residence.

  • 2017-2018: ATeKa and its choreographer, Abdoulaye Trésor Konaté
  • 2018-2019: Julien Ficelly, from Filament
  • 2019-2020: Christophe Garcia, from La Parenthèse
  • 2020-2021: Balkis Mouashar

In this way, schools in the city have the opportunity to meet the choreographer and work on a choreography throughout an entire school year.

Featured Author-Illustrators in Residence

Each year, an author/illustrator takes up a residency at the Noailles media library. This time devoted to the creative work and media activities, gives schools and the general public an insight into their creative world.

  • 2018-2019: Léna Mazilu
  • 2019-2020: Clarisse Lochmann
  • 2020-2021: Floriane Ricard