Setting up a PREAC for Film and Audiovisual

Resource Centre for Education in Arts and Culture (PREAC)

The Objectives of the Project

  • To develop the potential for training at a national level in Arts and Culture for Film and Audio-visual media and in the film industry, with the support of the Cannes campus for creative and cultural industries
  • To integrate the Film/Audiovisual PREAC into the ICC campus for careers and qualifications 100% EAC focused on Film and Audiovisual
  • To establish Cannes as an EAC hub, based around its international festival network (Festival de Cannes, CANNESERIES)

This Film/Audiovisual PREAC is aimed at audiences in the field of Education (supervisory staff, training specialists, teachers) as well as in the field of Culture (DRAC and DRAAF advisors, managers of cultural centres as well as public services, mediators, local authority representatives) and may also be open to Health and Entertainment workers in charge of the public (youth workers, psychologists, care staff, entertainers, etc.)

Access to various creative works and resources generated by festivals is currently limited. PREAC offers direct access to these creative works and resources for both partners and professionals working with young people from secondary school through to the end of high school.

  • The ability to provide training in Arts and Culture and in careers related to the Film and Audiovisual industry needs to be significantly developed over the next few years in order to increase the visibility of the sector, the training available and research in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).
  • Backed by the academic, cultural and economic resources of our region, in collaboration with the universities' research centres, INSPEs and the Ecoles Supérieures, a national resource centre for Film and Audiovisual media has pride of place in our academy, on the ICC campus in Cannes.
  • By supporting the dynamics of the Festival Economy, the Film industry and that of film production, it will develop international cultural exposure in Film/Audiovisual. It will be based in particular on the network of national and international film production and distribution centres (studios and laboratories) and a unique screening venue, the Cineum multiplex.
  • Together with universities and research laboratories, it will design study and training on Contemporary Film and Serial Scriptwriting, on production and the technical evolution of animation, on film creation and screening locations, on archive film conservation and processing, as well as the sociology of cinema audiences and series viewers.
  • In order to grasp the artistic and cultural aspects of the Film/Audiovisual sector from a multi-dimensional perspective (such as the aesthetic, techniques, experimentation, economic model), and to create a powerful synergy between academic and cultural participants, a series of cross-category training workshops, competitions and forums will be organised for trainers.
  • The Festival de Cannes and the international series festival CANNESERIES, are unique and productive venues for collaborative thinking about audio-visual creation and its current challenges.

Provisional calendar for PREAC courses

  • In January 2022, Film/Audiovisual Creation and the Careers of the Future: A look across the regional and international creative sectors -the INA- UCA- IDEX partners, Victorine Studios, the Audiovisual Archives of Monaco, the ENS Louis Lumière...
    Session organised as a multidisciplinary participatory forum open to students.
  • In April 2022, "CANNESERIES": Looking towards a future in Crossmedia, new broadcasting options for series, and narrative forms and techniques. Various economic, cultural and educational stakeholders are challenging crossmedia codes as well as aesthetic and technical approaches to meet the demands of younger audiences.
  • In May 2022, "CONTEST CINEDUC": The Festival de Cannes and its associated selections. An overview of contemporary film creation in 2022 - an incubator for cinematic trends.

These various courses will be open to students from INSPEs and art schools.

A two-day workshop and a webinar to complete the training course:

  • A one-day workshop about creating a short series, to learn about narrative structures and experiment with the creative process for short series
  • A one-day workshop on the world of cinematic sound
  • A webinar introducing online applications for sub-titling