Parking and towing regulations

How do I collect my vehicle?

Your vehicle has been towed due to a violation of the highway code.
Please find below how to collect your vehicle:

Collecting your vehicle


Why has my vehicle been towed?

Your vehicle has been towed for one of the following reasons:

  • Refusal to pay the parking fee
  • Failure to display the ticket from the parking meter on the windscreen or dashboard
  • Parking in payable bays for longer than the time permitted and paid for
  • Meter feeding after parking for the maximum permitted time in the zone in question without changing parking bay
  • The details on the ticket, obtained using an "Ecopark actif" permit, do not comply with either the parked car or badge required to be stuck on the windscreen
  • Parking in a delivery bay during working hours
    (Parking permitted from 7pm-7am and Sundays and bank holidays)
  • Parking in conditions that do not comply with the municipal decree's requirements
  • Parking for too long in the same place.

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