Accessibility terms

An accessible website is a website whose content visitors can use without difficult, including people with a disability and using specialist software or equipment.

The website development fulfils recommendations by the RGAA (French website accessibility standard) and W3C standards. The website is compatible with all available browsers.

Several browser functions are available to make this website accessible and provide you with an enjoyable browsing experience.

Easier browsing experience

Each webpage includes a series of links providing visitors using a text reader with direct access to the homepage, main menu, page content, accessibility page, search engine and contact page.

Breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumb navigation provides you with the title of the page you are browsing and enables you to quickly scroll up during your browser experience.

Search engine and directory

The search engine is available on the top right of each webpage and provides a list of articles, news, events and more containing the search terms.

A directory in the Town Hall menu provides contact details for council departments, facilities and Cannes associations.


There's a link to the site map at the bottom of each page to make your browsing experience easier.

Header and footer logo

The image of the word Cannes at the top of the page takes you back to the homepage.

The Cannes Town Hall logo at the bottom of the page takes you back to the homepage too.

Font size

Your browser has settings to help you to use websites and make it easier to access content. To use the functions properly, press Ctrl (or cmd) and click your mouse to make the font size larger or smaller.

You can also press Ctrl (or cmd) and click the + or - keys on your keyboard.

  • Firefox/Mozilla (Windows): Press Ctrl (or cmd) and click the + or - keys on your keyboard
  • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl + "+" to make the font larger, Ctrl + "-" to make it smaller and Ctrl + 0 (zero) to reset
  • Safari: to make the font size larger, press Option + Command + Plus sign (+) or Option + Command + Minus sign (-) to make it smaller

Contact the webmaster

Should you encounter an issue whilst browsing or accessing content on the website, please email us with full information about your experience and the issue so we can find a solution together: (webmaster @