As a multi-faceted city, Cannes also produces its own statistics which indicate an extremely vibrant economic, cultural and sports-focused lifestyle, with a predominantly social and humanitarian aspect. Cannes, an international capital in the Art of Living.

Some key figures

  • France's 2nd largest city for trade shows after Paris with 280,000 accredited professionals visiting in 2017, thanks to the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, one of the most impressive venues in Europe
  • The 2nd largest city in the Alpes-Maritimes department
  • Cannes-Mandelieu Airport, the 2nd largest commercial airport in France:
    • A restaurant overlooking the runways
    • Two (3* and 4*) hotels with swimming pools
    • A photo-film studio with a 200m² set
    • Helicopters, limousine and vehicle rentals, with or without chauffeurs
    • An expert in aircraft antiques
    • Security companies
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  • Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport is situated 25 km from Cannes via motorway
  • 2,749 retail outlets (source INSEE 2013)
  • 10,781 business units (source INSEE 2015) including 6,819 companies registered with the RCS (source CCINCA 2016)
  • Thalès Alenia Space: The leading production site in the department, with over 2,000 employees
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  • Parking facilities: 2,166 on-street parking spaces spread over 2 zones, all with free parking for the first half hour and only €3 for two hours. In addition, there are 7,000 spaces, with free parking for the first hour, across 18 car parks, and 3,500 spaces for two-wheelers. For the working population, an attractive Ecopark rate of €1.50 per day is offered. In addition, there are 16,000 free spaces available throughout the city
  • Twinned with 6 globally-renowned cities:
    • Madrid
    • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
    • Beverly Hills
    • Shizuoka
    • Acapulco
    • Sanya
  • 8 friendship city pacts:
    • Tel-Aviv
    • Turin
    • Gstaad Saanen
    • Quebec
    • Papeete
    • Budapest (The 11th district)
    • Florence
    • Moscow
  • 3 million visitors per year, of which 2 million are residents and 1 million are visitors, making Cannes one of the world's leading destinations for leisure tourism
  • 320,000 cruise ship passengers in 2017
  • 56.3% of visitors come from abroad (source: MKG Annual Report 2017)
  • Accommodation: Exceptional hospitality facilities in Europe. Around 130 hotels and 8,000 guest rooms in hotels and residences, including:
    • 7 Five-Star hotels
    • 35 Four-Star hotels
    • 32 Three-Star hotels
    • 25 Two-Star hotels
    • 5 non-classified hotels
    • 25 tourist residences and resorts
  • 30 clubs and discos
  • 500 restaurants and cafés
  • 31 private beaches with their own restaurant, 13 public beaches and 1 municipal beach
  • 3 casinos: Casino Croisette, Casino 3.14 and Casino Les Princes

Demographic information

  • Official population: 74,686 inhabitants
     (Source: INSEE, 2017 population census in geographical terms as of 01 January 2019)
     The 2017 census official populations come into effect on 1ᵉʳ January 2020. They have been calculated in accordance with criteria defined in Decree No. 2003-485 of 5 June 2003 on the population census, and amended by Decree No. 2019-1302 of 5 December 2019.
  • Density: 3,657.1 inhabitants/km2
  • Cannes is the second most densely-populated city in the Alpes-Maritimes department. The population almost triples in the summer period and during major events


The city of Cannes is located in Europe,

and more specifically in France, on the Mediterranean coast.

  • Geographical coordinates for City Hall - Lambert 93 (legal reference system):

  • WGS84 spherical geographic coordinates for City Hall:
    In DMS (Degrees/Minutes/Seconds):

Epicentre of the Côte d'Azur region, halfway between Monaco and Saint-Tropez, 159 km from Marseille and 970 km from Paris.
An exceptional location where you can enjoy a combination of sea, mountains and countryside all in one day, not forgetting the Lérins Islands, offering a complete change of scene. An hour and 15 minutes' drive by car to the nearest ski resort in the Southern Alps.

The Lérins Islands

Two wonderful treasures for tourism, archaeology, history, ecology, architecture and spirituality.
Exceptional waters for bathing due to the richness of the marine flora.

Ile Saint-Honorat :

1.2 km, 40 hectares. An abbey constructed 16 centuries ago and inhabited by Cistercian monks.

Ile Sainte-Marguerite :

3 km, 210 hectares. A botanical trail with exceptional flora and a bird sanctuary. The seabed conceals natural and archaeological treasures.