Cannes fait le mur

As part of this exhibition, which has been held in parallel with the Cannes Film Festival since 2004, giant posters on the walls and hanging banners in the Rue d'Antibes offer passers-by a slice of fantasy and glamour. The pictures are scattered all over the city, giving you the opportunity to see a film star on every turn.

2022 - 75 Years of the Palme d'Or and Emotion

The theme chosen for 2022 is "75 Years of the Palme d'Or and Emotion", a fitting way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Cannes Festival. A partnership with Paris Match.

2021 - Cinema Kisses

The theme chosen for 2021 was "The Kiss". In partnership with Paris Match, from 6 July to 13 October 2021, the "Cannes fait le mur" exhibition features large-scale images of film celebrities on building facades and on banners located along the Rue d'Antibes. A partnership with Paris Match.

2020 - Le Off

This 2020 edition unveils the secrets of filmmaking and behind-the-scenes activities with the theme "Le Off". In partnership with Paris Match, the exhibition features giant images of film celebrities, displayed on the walls of buildings and on banners located along the rue d'Antibes.

2019 - Stars in the Wild

In partnership once again with Paris Match, this exhibition featured a series of photographs on the theme of "Stars in the Wild", and was launched during season 02 of the CANNESERIES festival.

2018 - Series and Films

The exhibition, once again in partnership with Paris Match, featured a series of photographs on the theme of "Series and Films", a nod to the first season of the CANNESERIES Festival, the main feature of the annual events calendar.

Eighteen portraits of stars were displayed on giant canvases on the walls of buildings and on banners along the Rue d'Antibes.

2017 - 70 years of Festivities and Joy

This exhibition, in partnership with Paris Match, displayed for the first time a series of black and white and colour photographs on the theme of "70 years of Festivities and Joy", celebrating moments of joy, laughter and happiness shared by the people of Cannes, festival-goers and the public from 1953 to the present day.

2016 - Bad Boy, Bad Girl

For the thirteenth consecutive year, 18 large-format canvasses of film celebrities on the theme of "Bad Boy, Bad Girl" were displayed on the walls of buildings and on banners located along the Rue d'Antibes.

2015 - Energy and Motion...

For its 12th year, the City of Cannes is partnering with Agence France Presse for the Cannes fait le mur exhibition. The AFP is displaying a series of 19 photos in which energy and motion are combined. A great opportunity to see a film star on each corner, including Isabelle Huppert, Viggo Mortensen, Julianne Moore, Pénélope Cruz, Quentin Tarantino, Jean Dujardin, and more.

2014 - With a Smile...

The City of Cannes has teamed up with Getty Images, with the support of HP and Madame Figaro, to showcase a selection of photos featuring the smiles, joy and happiness that artists share with the public every year.

2013 - With Passion and Levity...

AFP is once again partnering with the City of Cannes through the spectacular photo exhibition Cannes fait le mur, on the occasion of the 66th Cannes Film Festival. Eighteen photographs will be displayed on giant banners. For the tenth edition, the exhibition is devoted to passion and levity: a look back at the laughter, the moments of joy, and tenderness.

2012 - 65 years of the Festival de Cannes

In 2012, it was AFP's turn, with the support of Atelier Image et Compagnie, to participate in the Cannes fait le mur exhibition and to present a selection of photographs recalling 65 years of the Cannes Festival.

Other years


For its eighth edition, Cannes fait le mur honours the French photographer Marcel Hartmann. An opportunity to admire the famous faces of Fanny Ardant, Milla Jovovich, Jean Dujardin, Virginie Ledoyen, Tim Burton and many others, on the walls of the city and the banners hanging in the rue d'Antibes.


Getty Images is decorating the walls of the city and the rue d'Antibes, giving the people of Cannes, visitors and festival-goers the opportunity to discover, among others, the magnificent portraits of Sophie Marceau on the city hall, Diane Kruger on the expressway, as well as Colin Firth, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman's magnificent smile.


For its sixth edition, the exhibition, organised by the City of Cannes in partnership with the Corbis Outline agency and with the support of Multiplast, features a wide range of talents: several photographers, and therefore several views on the icons of world cinema, with the common thread of joie de vivre expressed through the lens.


In 2008, the City of Cannes, in partnership once again with Corbis Outline, Première magazine and Multisplast, succeeded in showcasing the most beautiful figures in the world of cinema on the city's walls. Dreams and elegance just a few steps from the famous red carpet.


In 2007, for the 60th year of the Cannes Film Festival, the artist Denis Rouvre had the original idea of asking actors and actresses to take pictures of themselves using a remote control. Among those who participated were Diane Kruger, the mistress of ceremony, Morgan Freeman, Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard and Samuel Lee Jackson.


For its 3rd edition, the Cannes fait le mur exhibition changed its tone, but remains magnificent and unique by entrusting its artistic vision to the Courbis Outline agency, with the support of Télérama and Dupont.


In 2005, for the 2nd edition of the exhibition Cannes fait le mur, the City of Cannes and the photographer Stéphane Kossman continued their collaboration with the renewed support of Pentax and Marionnaud perfumeries. John Travolta, Brad Pitt and Clint Eastwood, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone and Ornella Muti, among others, were on display on the walls that year.


For its first appearance on the walls of Cannes, in 2004, the exhibition Cannes fait le mur surprised festival-goers and Cannes residents with its stylish proportions. Photographer Stéphane Kossman displays his cinematic works on the walls of the city, allowing viewers to appreciate some of the giants of the cinema such as Monica Bellucci, Gérard Depardieu, Nicole Kidman, Pedro Almodovar, and Sean Penn.