Historic journey

Beautiful Mediterranean antiquities

The antiquities are on display in the lower room of the "abbot's tower", a 16th century building. The tower has been partly levelled, but the slanting outline of the lower part of the building can still be seen in the museum garden.

The tower stood at the corner of one of the residential buildings in Cannes castle. In the archaeological room, you can see a rich collection of antiquities from the Mediterranean, ranging from Sumerian clay tablets written in cuneiform to 4th century Christian sarcophagi made of lead.

Visitors can admire almost 5,000 years of art in the display cases, which have been designed like collectors' antique cabinets. Some of the objects come from the Baron Lycklama's collection. They include items he brought back from his travels in the Middle East: from Persia and its capital Teheran; from the ruins of today's Iraq on the Tigris; from Turkey and Constantinople; from today's Syria with Damascus and Palmyra; from the ancient lands of Palestine with Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and from Cyprus.

Another precious series of objects comes from Jacqueline Damien's donation of her father's collection, which she left to the French state in 1992. It was specified that the collection must be kept in the Musée de la Castre. A series of works from the Louvre Museum, the two Etruscan and Egyptian sarcophagi, for example, along with the two paleo-Christian lead sarcophagi, form a group evoking funeral practices in Antiquity.