Cannes celebrates 70 years of FestivalTo celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival (17-28 May), the City Council is organising a year-long series of cinema-related events.

An exceptional line-up for an exceptional event: a special 70th anniversary logo, a permanent red carpet, stars' photos by Gilles Traverso, film star figures dotted around the city or a special day once a month including a masterclass, a conference, a walk up the famous steps and a film screening.

Throughout the year

Special 70th anniversary logo

The façade of the Palais des festivals et des congrès is emblazoned with a magnificent huge ad to publicise the 70th anniversary of the Festival de Cannes. It features a logo, specially created for the occasion by the City Council, which will appear on all council documentation and will officially endorse all events associated with the festival.

Permanent red carpet on the steps of the Palais des Festivals

The red carpet will adorn the most famous flight of stairs in the world throughout the year (with the exception of the conference season).

Stars' photos by Gilles Traverso

The most beautiful stars' photos of the photographer Gilles Traverso, from exhibitions "40 years, 40 photos" and "Festival de Cannes 2016", will be exhibited until December 31st, 2017, in the city hall, in the additional town halls La Ferrage and La Bocca.

Film star figures dotted around the city

Ten life-size film star figures are going to be replaced. Simply stick your head through the hole and smile for the camera as one of your favourite film idols.

Interactive terminal with the archives of the Institut national de l'audiovisuel (INA)

From an interactive terminal installed in the city hall, the visitors can view of a simple click the great moments of the Festival...


Masterclass led by Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival


Masterclass led by Pierre-William Glenn, cinematographer 

  • New place: Theater Alexandre III, February 21, 2017 at 7pm

International games festival 

  • Conference-debate on the links between games and cinema.


Sandrine Kiberlain go to meet the inhabitants of Cannes > March 26, 2017


Conference by Ollivier Pourriol > April 25, 2017 at 7pm


A number of events organised as part of the Cannes Film Festival:

  • The traditional ‘Cannes fait le mur’ poster exhibition - May 17, 2017 at August 31, 2017
  • Open-air ‘ciné-concert’ with the Cannes-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regional orchestra
  • A tournament of pétanque of personalities - May 25, 2017
  • The setting up of a significant partnership with the National Audio-visual Institute
  • The crowning of Miss and Mister Cannes Film Festival - May 18, 2017


Pop-up cinema museum

  • “Georges Méliès, the birth of cinema” exhibition in partnership with the Cinémathèque Française.
  • Workshops related to the universe of Méliès
  • Escape room life-size.

Ciné-quartiers open air film screenings

  • Organised by the City Council as part of its policy to extend events to different parts of Cannes during the summer months, these free screenings of mainstream films will take place in various districts of the city. Screenings in partnership with the Cannes Cinéma association.


The 30es Rencontres cinématographiques de Cannes

  • The Rencontres de Cannes include a number of highlights: ‘meet the author’ sessions, cinema-related events and discussion meetings. 

Updated on April 7, 2017