“Cannes fait le Mur”

As part of this exhibition scheduled alongside the Cannes Film Festival since 2004, monumental posters are unfurled on the walls and canvasses are hung in the Rue d’Antibes to invite passers-by to delve into dreams and glamour. Pictures can be found all around town, providing an opportunity to discover a movie star each time you go out.


Theme: 70 years of happiness. In partnership with Paris Match.

Brigitte Bardot - Festival de Cannes 1957 ©Jack Garofalo-Paris Match


Theme: Bad Boy, Bad Girl


Isabelle Huppert, Viggo Mortensen, Julianne Moore, Pénélope Cruz, Quentin Tarantino, Jean Dujardin… Partnership: France Presse.

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Theme: Smile, the enjoyment and the happiness. Partnership: Getty Images with HP and Madame Figaro

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Theme: Fervour and lightness. Partnership: AFP


In 2012, it was AFP’s turn, with support from the Atelier Image et Compagnie, to take part in the “Cannes fait le Mur” exhibition and to present a selection of photographs covering 65 years of the Cannes Film Festival.


For this eighth year, “Cannes fait le Mur” paid tribute to the French photographer Marcel Hartmann. This was an opportunity to admire the famous faces of Fanny Ardant, Milla Jovovich, Jean Dujardin, Virginie Ledoyen, Tim Burton and many others on the walls of the city and on the canvasses hung in the Rue d’Antibes.


Getty Images took charge of the walls of the city and the Rue d’Antibes, giving the population, visitors and festival-goers an opportunity to discover magnificent portraits of Sophie Marceau on the Town Hall and Diane Kruger on the expressway, as well as Colin Firth, Daniel Craig and the magnificent smile of Nicole Kidman.


For its sixth year, the exhibition organised by the City of Cannes in partnership with the Corbis Outline agency and with support from Multiplast, focused on a multiplicity of talents: several photographers, and therefore several ways of looking at icons of world cinema with, as a common thread, a certain joie de vivre captured by the camera.


In 2008, the City of Cannes, once again in a partnership with Corbis Outline, the magazine Première and Multisplast, successfully dressed up the walls of the city with the most gorgeous faces in cinema. Dreams – and elegance – just a few steps from the famous red carpet.


In 2007, for the 60th Cannes Film Festival, the artist Denis Rouvre had the original idea to ask actors and actresses to take pictures of themselves with a remote control. Diane Kruger, the master of ceremonies, Morgan Freeman, Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard and Samuel Lee Jackson, among others, all accepted.


For its 3rd year, the “Cannes fait le Mur” exhibition changed its atmosphere, but kept with magnificence and the absolute by turning its artistic outlook over to the Courbis Outline agency, with support from Télérama and Dupont.


In 2005, for the 2nd year of the “Cannes fait le Mur” festival exhibition, the City of Cannes and photographer Stéphane Kossman once again worked together with the renewed support of Pentax and Marionnaud Parfumeries. This year, the walls superbly displayed John Travolta, Brad Pitt and Clint Eastwood, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone and Ornella Muti, and a few others.


For its first appearance on the walls of Cannes in 2004, the “Cannes fait le Mur” exhibition was a surprise for the festival-goers and the local population with its elegant excesses. Photographer Stéphane Kossman displayed his works on the walls of the city in cinema format, to present the scope of such cinema giants as Monica Bellucci, Gérard Depardieu, Nicole Kidman, Pedro Almodovar, Sean Penn…

Catherine Deneuve - May 2006

  • Clint Eastwood - May 2006
  • Charlotte Rampling - May 2006
  • Adrien Brody - May 2009
  • Charlize Theron - May 2008
  • Gwyneth Paltrow - May 2009
  • Mel Gibson - May 2008
  • John Travolta - May 2005
  • Vincent Cassel - May 2007
  • Kristin Scott Thomas - May 2010
  • Christian Slater - May 2008
  • Penelope Cruz - May 2005
  • Jamie Lee Curtis - May 2005
  • Sean Penn - May 2004
  • Emma de Caunes - May 2007
  • Uma Thurman - May 2004
  • Diane Kruger - May 2010
  • Pedro Almodovar - May 2004