Cannes is launching a call for donations to rebuildDuring the night of Saturday, 3 October, the City of Cannes and its residents were hit by a storm of incredible violence that had never been seen before. #HelpCannes to rebuild!

Cannes, a devastated city:

  • In just 2 hours, nearly 1,500,000 m3 of water, the equivalent of 1,000 Olympic swimming pools, fell on the lower section of the République neighbourhood. This was as if an Olympic swimming pool was dumped on the area every 8 seconds.
  • Five Cannois died.
  • The hundreds homes were damaged and sometimes totally destroyed.
  • Between 900 and 1,000 businesses were directly impacted. And 300 businesses were heavily damaged.
  • On average, 140 metric tonnes of refuse had to be removed each day (i.e. 30 times more than under normal circumstances).

The human cost was heavy. Five Cannes residents died, while hundreds of people, private individuals, shop owners and artisans lost everything overnight.
The initial assessments of property damage also presented an extremely worrisome situation.
In all of Cannes’ neighbourhoods, roads, facilities and municipal buildings were severely damaged. An initial quantitative estimate gave the figure of 40 million euros just for damages to non-insurable public property in order to rebuild Cannes quickly.
After being hit and devastated by this horrible natural catastrophe, Cannes is launching a call for donations to rebuild.

Cannes, a global village, is counting on everyone who has a faithful attachment to the city.

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